How to Drive a 340% Website Traffic Increase (with the exact same budget)

Someone asked for examples of my work. I can talk all I want about my content marketing skills, but I need to show them.

A digital portfolio is in progress, but since that isn’t going to happen for a minute (more important things, like serving my clients) here’s a quick story.

Background: Vermont Smoke & Cure is a responsibly sourced meat snack brand (so delicious) whose target market is a busy mom and leader of the active, meat-snacking household.

  • Goal: Drive increased website traffic leading up to holiday
  • Challenge: With no increased ad spend – AT ALL …while everyone else is upping theirs due to holiday.

Our content strategy calls for being as helpful as possible. We’re not giving her tips on how to be a better mom (like everyone else), we’re trying to save her time, so she can catch a few minutes to herself at some point.

I developed this 12 Days of Snack Dinner campaign, we published a 5-minutes-or-less dinner idea every other day in December, and put $200 behind a promoted pin on Pinterest (and zero dollars for promoted posts on Insta and Facebook). I developed the recipes, produced the photoshoot (IMPORTANT: we decided to go with one stylist, natural lighting, and iPhone shots because, well, budgets) and I guided their new social media manager through the rest.

  • Pinterest saw a 5625% increase in referral traffic.
  • Instagram, 340%
  • Facebook? 105% increase on mobile, 200% desktop.

Here’s what their referral traffic from social looked like YOY for the first three months after implementing my content strategy. Same exact ad spend and creative budget, no joke. Also important to note that they did have a full time content manager in December 2016.

Remember: “likes” are nice, but referral traffic is a critical measurement of content success. Once they reach your site, you can retarget them with a sweet first time offer. And so on, and so forth, as you move toward increased cart value.

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